Cartel de Emisario

Do you want to return to the Middle Ages for a while?

The Emissary is a team game that inmerses participants in medieval Bilbao, surronded by walls that protect the legenday ‘Seven Streets’.

Defeat the opposing team in a exciting outdoor gymkhana game for which you will learn how society and medieval cities worked in the most practical and fun way possible.

Two and a half hour of fun in which up to 50 people can participate. Come to enjoy the Emissary game!


Attendees : 4 - 50


Age range: General public. Under age children must be accompanied by an adult.


Topic: Travels through time


Duration of the game: 2 h


Location: Bilbao (outdoors)


Schedule: fridays, saturdays and sundays. At 10:00 am, 12:35 pm, 16:30 pm y 19:15 pm


Languages: Spanish and Basque languages


Tickets : 15€ per person.



What is the minimum and maximum number of participants admitted?

The minimum number of participants per team admitted is two people and the maximum five. The minumum number of teams admitted to participate is two and the maximum ten. In other words, the minimum total number of people admitted to book the game is four and the maximum fifty.

It is not neccesary to decide how to form the teams until before the time of playing, but it is very interesting and it is recommended that teams will be formed, specially if they are many participants.

this training be carried out, especially if there are many participants.

Do you need to run or have a good physical shape?

No, it is not neccesary. It is much important to solve the riddles, other aspects which they have nothing to do with going fast, such as observation, coordinatio between participants or team play.

What happens if it is raining?

The game is ready to take place although it pours, without losing the fun. The rain is something very characteristic of this city, also in the Middle Ages. It will be enough to dress in appropiate clothes and bring an umbrella.

Which is the most appropiate clothing?

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and suitable for the rain, in case of rain.


Do you allow pets?

Yes, of course! You can come with your best friend.

Can people with functional diversity participate?

Yes, the most of the route runs through a fairly flat and pedestrian walkway.

How much time in advance is necessary to book?

It is necessary to book 24 hours in advance.

Can my reservation be modified or canceled?

Once the reservation is made, the amount of the reservation will not be refunded, but you can bbook another day or time if the appointment is canceled 72 hours in advance.

The reservation cannot be canceled or modified less than 72 hours in advance.

What happens if I am late?

The time that you are late will be deducted from the avalaible time for the game, for a maximum of 10 minutes. If you arrive more than  10 minutes late, the reservation will be suspended without the right to return or to make if another day.

If only one member of the team is late, he or she can join the game during the activity.

In which languages is available the Emissary game?

It can be done in Basque and Spanish, you only have to select the corresponding box when you are making the reservation.

Soon it will also be available in English.


We wil be happy to answer any of your questions